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Wednesday Night Workout - MAY 9th - JUNE 27th 2018
This is 8 weeks of intensive scene work with Casting Director Dave Newman. It's all about performance muscles and being ready to go. The way it works is, you chose a scene and we workshop it one week and then shoot it the next, following which we will package up the clip and send it to you in a link.

 By the end of the class you should have some great reference clips to give to your agent or be able to send to agents in the hope of getting representation. This class is a collaboration - a supportive group, you will read for each other, rehearse with each other and be an active part of the discussions about the scenes.

 Some scenes may not work for various reasons but that is part of the process. This won't be about doing scenes you think people will want to see or what you 'should be’ doing (ie trying to put a square peg in a round hole) but choosing scenes that are right for you, that you have a connection or identify with.   We will agree and disagree on scene choices but we'll try them out - you'll get a casting perspective on how those scenes work and don't work and most importantly 'why' they do or don't. 

 At the end of the process each participant will hopefully have at least three-four scenes that we will film (like a self taped audition).

This class will start on Wednesday the 9th of May and runs through to Wednesday the 27th of June.
Class runs from 7pm till 10pm.

Classes will be held at our Sydney Studio - Suite 4.12, 77 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery 2018