On this page, both Tom and Dave will be posting random S*&t we like, love, admire, have been captivated by, or has made our jaws drop. stay tuned… this will be a fun page.


Meet Mimi & Josefin from The Voice Kids - Germany - we see so many kids who are kind of pushed into a cookie cutter style that people think we want to see - when really we are looking for individuality, real personality, kids who can express who they are through their art - these girls are AMAZING!

Meet Dimash Kudaibergenov - they call him the 'best singer in the world' - and for a good reason, this guy is insanely talented, nearly fell of off our seats

Marlon Brando Screentest - just because.

Conversation with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Paul Newman

Wow, the energy in this room